Dr. Jim Garrow: Correct Again

Correct Again:

When I postured in an earlier missive months ago that the Mueller Commission had no evidence whatsoever of any collusion between the President and Russians of any sort, I received many private emails asking how I could be so assured in my declarations. I also received much abuse from some well known folks who called me all sorts of names. Many asked if I had “inside” contacts. My answer to that is yes, many.

What should be taken away from this hullabaloo created by the Democrats, sustained by the Democrats, and inflicted on the American populous by the Democrats is that truth is not a bedfellow of the Democrats. They posture, pose, and preen as if they possess in major quantities a love of truth and the American public in general. The only thing that they are full of is ……. I don’t need to fill in that blank.

By taking America to the brink of an existential crisis the Democratic Party and its adherents showed a cavalier attitude towards the freedoms that all Americans enjoy. They used the bludgeon of those freedoms and liberties in a dishonest attempt to bring down a duly elected President with accusations based on the word of liars and their lies. This has been a shameful episode which lasted over 500 days too long. The length of the “investigation” had more to do with an abuse of funds and the grabbing of stuff than justice and the seeking of truth.

The long and the short of it all however is that truth found its way to the surface and President Trump has been exonerated. Will the Democrats change their methods and attitudes and join the rest of America in its praise of God for the blessings He has endowed the most privileged people on earth with? Most likely not. The Democrats will move on to the next self perpetuated outrage and in their egomaniacal belief in their “right” to rule will miss what the rest of America has realized, that the Democrats cannot be trusted to represent the people or even be trusted to tell the truth.

You may not like the less than fluid speech of the President, his comb over, his rudy face, his background, his wife or his son, but know this, America is fortunate to have him as its leader. Thank God that He knew what America would need at just a time as this.

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